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About Us


We are a Tyrol based movie-production department, specializing in creative film projects, vivid video content.

At Conkreative, we're not just a film production company, we're architects of emotion, creators of experiences, and cultivators of innovation. From script to screen, we craft captivating narratives for online platforms, television, and cinema.


"Creativity in Motion" isn't just a slogan; it's our guiding principle. We're committed to pushing creative boundaries, ensuring each project is a testament to the limitless possibilities within the world of cinema.


We don't just produce films; we bring concepts to life, embrace experimentation, and passionately pursue our love for filmmaking. It's not just a job – it's our creative commitment in action. Welcome to a space where we make, innovate, and love what we do.





we are your companion from the start!

Our proposals include more than just the realization of projects.


We want to generate a collaborative venture that leads to a perfect result, by consulting our clients

in a workshop-like environment before creating storyboards, conceptions or start casting/acquisition. 


we take your visions & ideas



Mix your visions and ideas with our skills and translate them into what viewers expect in a video. 


Effort, focus and passion for details lead to an efficient realisation.


Our high-end equipment arsenal and our flexible young team allows us to offer multiple styles of filming in almost every thinkable way.



we make raw footage come alive

When it comes to post-production and editing, we make raw clips come alive.


Every little step is eminently important - from cutting to color grading right up to sound design. 


You as our client will be part of the journey by interim reporting and a customer-oriented feedback process. This way we're diminishing the amount of correction quite efficient.

We can't wait to produce for you.
Let's get started.
creativity in motion.
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